About This Manual

5.1 About This Manual

PostScript is a complicated language, so this manual is intended more as an introduction to the language, rather than as a complete reference. The following sections contain just enough information to get you started in PostScript programming, but hopefully not so much that you will suffer from information overload. In each section, you will also find a list of basic commands that you may find useful, along with an extended description of how the command works. These are not all the commands in PostScript! If you find you need a command not described in the manual, the final section contains a syntax and description list of all the commands PostScript knows. However, you will probably never need to look there, and probably won't want to until you become more experienced.

This manual is not yet completed, so expect improvements. Many sections are based on P.J. Weingartner's A First Guide to PostScript, who is being duly credited here for his work.

Your comments about it are welcomed by the author, David Maxwell.

David Maxwell, who is still writing this, would like to hear your comments and suggestions. And remember, parts of this manual are based on P.J. Weingartner's work: A First Guide to PostScript.