The Main Method

5.7 The Main Method

A Java application has to start somewhere. That somewhere is the main method. When you run a Java application, the Java interpreter looks for a main method in the class and runs it. You should declare the main method the main method as follows:
public static void main(String args[])
There are a couple of differences between this method declaration and the other method declarations in the Newton class . Here are the differences:
Java provides a way to control access to the methods and variables in a class. If a method is declared public, the Java interpreter will allow methods from any class to call it. You can think, for now, that the default is to allow a method to be called only by other methods in the same class.
The return type void indicates that the method has no return value.
String args[]
The main method takes an array of strings as an argument. You will learn more about this argument when we discuss command-line parameters.

In our Newton's method code, the main method contains all the interesting code, and we are going to look at the body of the code next.

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