4 Maple

Maple is a powerful program you can use to do symbolic math calculations. Maple calculates on a much higher level than any pocket calculator can, since it reasons with symbolic information, and not simply numbers. This means that Maple can find exact solutions for many problems in calculus such as differentiating or integrating a given function. Even if your calculator can do integration, the answer is most likely a floating point approximation, whereas Maple can often find an exact closed-form solution, much as you would do with pencil and paper.

Maple is launched by typing maple, or xmaple. Of these, the second has a better graphic interface, whereas maple must be launched in a terminal window, and uses only the standard tty display. You may also have an entry for Maple on your root menu.

Also, check out the excellent documentation for Maple, Matlab, etc. at the University of Indiana, by Dave Hart.

Further topics planned for this page are:

  1. Plotting functions and solving inequalities
  2. Defining and using simple functions
  3. Writing longer functions
  4. Operators on functions
  5. Programming in Maple

Keith Orpen, who is still writing this, would like to hear your comments and suggestions.