Compiling and Running the Newton Class

5.3 Compiling and Running the Newton Class

To compile the Newton class, you need to put the contents of the Newton class in a file. If you are using Netscape, you can do this by holding down Shift and clicking the left mouse button

From the UNIX command line, go to the directory you just saved in. Then type javac This will create a java byte-code file called Newton.class. Now run the code with a guess of 2 by typing java Newton 2. You should see:

(maxwell@gamba.109) java Newton 2
Step: 1 x:4.18504 Value:-0.864144
Step: 2 x:2.46789 Value:0.623881
Step: 3 x:3.26619 Value:-0.124272
Step: 4 x:3.14094 Value:0.000648741
Step: 5 x:3.14159 Value:-9.10111e-11
Zero found at x=3.14159
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