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Logging In

When you sit down at a terminal and jiggle the mouse to turn off the screen-saver, you will be confronted with a window that lists the available hosts. At the present time they are abacus, alto and plato. Click on one of them to select it (it will turn black) and then click on ``OK''. After a short while the login screen will appear. This screen has a white box titled Welcome to UBC Mathematics containing two fields for data - login and Password. The cursor (a vertical bar) should be just after the word login. If it isn't, hit the Return key once or twice until it is. To log in
Type your login id (the one that resembles your name) and hit Return.
The cursor should now be in the next field, Password. Type your password here and hit Return. (The cursor will not move while you type your password - this helps keep it a secret!)
If all went well, the login screen will disappear, and several seconds later a small clock and a tool bar will appear on your screen. If this doesn't happen, you probably made a mistake when you typed your login id or password in and you will see Login incorrect at the bottom of the entry box. Just return to step 1 and continue the login procedure. Be sure that the Caps Lock light is not on! If it is, press the Caps Lock key to turn it off.

Be sure to look at section 5 to see how to change your initial password to one that you can remember.

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Joel Feldman