1.3 The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web might be defined as a "maximal hypertext document". It is a collection of hypertext documents distributed all over the world, and linked over the Internet. This means that any one of millions of documents can be delivered to your screen at the click of a mouse, if you can find a link to them. The world wide web is changing every day, so you can always find new things out there.

Remember that once you strike out onto the WWW, the quickest way back to familiar territory is the Home button at the bottom of your Mosaic window. It's even quicker than clicking those ruby slippers three times... most days, anyway.

A good place to start exploring the Internet is NCSA's list of Starting Points for Internet Exploration, also available from the Mosaic Navigate menu.

In netscape, you get nifty buttons to launch you into the Web.

If you need to find information on a particular topic by keyword, try the Lycos searchable index of the world wide web.

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