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Sixth laboratory - Fall 2002

Due: Friday, November 29, 2002


For technical reasons, while working on this lab, you must not reload or leave this page within your web browser. If you do leave and want to come back again, you should quit your browser and restart it, either from the background menu or a terminal window. Also, save your answers frequently by using the submittor at the end of the page.

The section of the text most relevant to this lab is 11.2.

Fourier series convergence

In this section of the lab you will investigate the convergence of the Fourier series of two functions: a triangular wave and a square wave. The Java applet tool below will graph any partial sum sn of either of these series. You specify which function and which n to use, and the intervals for the horizontal and vertical axes (x and y, then click "Plot function" to see the graph of sn, or "Plot error" to see f(x) - sn. If you click on the graph, the coordinates of the point where you clicked are shown near the top left of the graph.

Note that to get accurate results, you'll want to "zoom in" on certain points by choosing appropriate intervals for x and y.


Let en(x) = f(x) - sn(x) be the error in the n'th partial sum.


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