Useful Reference Frame Commands

5.6.2 Useful Reference Frame Commands

[concat] [gsave] [grestore] [rotate] [scale] [translate]


[ a bc d tx ty] concat -

This operator specifies explicity the current transformation matrix. The argument elements a b c d make up the elements of a 2 by 2 matrix. This is the linear transformation part of the affine transformation. The translation is specified by tx and ty for the x and y directions respectively.


- gsave -

This operator pushes saves a copy of the current graphics state The graphics state consists of (among other things):

gsave is typically used with grestore whenever you need to change the graphics state temporarily and return to the original.


- grestore -

Sets the current graphics state to the last graphics state saved with gsave.


angle rotate -

This operator rotates the current frame of reference by angle degrees counter-clockwise.


x-scale y-scale scale -

This operator scales the current frame of reference by a factor of x-scale in the x direction and y-scale in the y direction.


x-shift y-shift translate -

This operator translates the current frame of reference by x-shift in the x direction and y-shift in the y direction.

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